As an architectural photographer with a deep passion for road cycling, a sport I regularly engage in, I have cultivated a unique perspective on both my professional and personal pursuits.

Growing up in Tempio Pausania, my fervent interest in photography led me to attend a high school focused on advertising graphics and photography. This period was instrumental in my development, as I was fortunate to learn extensively about art, graphics, and the interplay between space and composition, thanks to the expertise of several teachers.

Simultaneously, I found myself increasingly drawn to CAD design programs and geometric design, steering my focus towards architecture. After completing my studies, I ventured into the advertising graphics sector. However, I quickly realized a prevalent lack of quality photographic material in many projects, which rekindled my passion for photography. This realization prompted me to start offering photographic services for properties under construction and holiday homes. It wasn’t long before I decided to leave graphic design to fully immerse myself in the world of photography.




Point Architects / Fossati design Bureau / Francesconi Lighting / Givenchy / Pratobello / Neolit / Hello Wood


Riva / Ferretti s.p.a. / Silver Star Yachting / Ocean Independence / IYC / Luxembourg Marine Services / International Yacht Chrter / Fraser / Media Ship International / AqvaLuxe Yachts / Sorrento Luxury / Stay and More / Mikasa Luxury


Hotel Sporting Porto Rotondo / Blue Hotels / Hotel des Pecheurs / Baglioni Hotels / Mercure Hotels  / Nero Hotels / Club Esse / Hotel Panorama Olbia / Hotel Punta Negra

Gabriele Sotgiu