Yacht photography and Film

Yacht and Boat Photography Service

How much does a yacht photography service cost?

The cost of a yacht photography service varies depending on specific requirements and the size of the vessel. Generally, the cost for a day’s photography starts from £1,800 for photos alone. However, the price may increase depending on optional upgrades such as 4K video production and 3D virtual tours. For larger vessels or services requiring multiple days, the price may be higher. Some clients also request additional services such as lifestyle photography, which may involve the use of actors, further increasing the overall cost of the photography service.

Why is it advisable to communicate the budget for the photography service?

It’s always best to communicate your budget for the photography service. This allows the professional to tailor their proposals to meet your expectations and financial capabilities. This way, you can avoid potential disappointments and ensure that the service meets your needs while staying within your budget.

What does a yacht photography service include?

A yacht photography service includes a range of customizable services based on client needs. During the photography session, the photographer captures detailed images of the vessel, highlighting its distinctive features and strengths. Utilising professional equipment and advanced techniques, high-quality photographs are produced to showcase the vessel’s aesthetics and performance. In addition to vessel photos, optional services such as 4K video, 3D virtual tours, and lifestyle photography may be included, potentially involving the use of professional actors to enhance the overall appeal of the imagery.

How does a photography shoot work?

Preparing the vessel for a photography shoot is crucial. The boat should be prepared as if receiving guests for a charter, ensuring all internal and external lights are functional and spare bulbs are on board. It’s preferable to take the boat out from the harbour to provide an interesting backdrop. Typically, photos are taken in the morning, focusing on various areas such as the engine room, crew area, kitchen, guest cabins, and command deck. Midday shots focus on navigation and exterior areas like sun decks and lounging spaces, while afternoon and evening shots capture the owner’s cabin, cabins with larger windows, lounge areas, and entertainment spaces.

How to prepare the boat for the photography service?

To prepare the boat, attention to detail is key. Setting up tables with dinnerware, neatly arranged table settings, and decorative elements is essential. Cabins should be presented with attention to detail, ensuring personal items are not visible, beds are made with visible linens and pillows, and small floral arrangements and other decorative items are provided. Crew areas should be clean and tidy, with the chef possibly engaged in food preparation for action shots. Exterior areas should be set up for various activities, with attention to detail in lounge areas and table settings.

Why get a photography service for a boat?

If you own a yacht or boat, you understand the importance of presenting your vessel in the best possible light. This is where a professional photography service dedicated to yachts and boats comes in. With a specialised photography service, you can maximise the elegance and attractiveness of your vessels in multiple ways.

Benefits of a Yacht and Megayacht Photography Service

A dedicated photography service for your yachts or megayachts offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it allows you to showcase your vessel in the best possible way on online sales platforms, specialised magazines, and nautical websites. High-quality images capture the attention of potential buyers and enhance the chances of selling or renting your vessel.

Photography for Yacht Charter and Shipyards

If you’re in the yacht charter business or own a shipyard, a professional photography service is essential to promote your services. High-quality photographs showcase your fleet attractively and professionally, attracting customers eager to rent your vessels or use your shipbuilding and repair services.

Drone Photos, Aerial Shots, 3D Images, and 4K Videos

In addition to traditional photographs, yacht photography services may include drone photos, aerial shots, 3D images, and 4K videos. These advanced options allow you to showcase your vessels from unique angles and capture breathtaking details. Aerial shots offer a panoramic perspective, while 3D images allow potential buyers to virtually explore the interiors of yachts, increasing interest and confidence in your offering.

In summary, investing in a professional photography service for your yachts or boats is a strategic move that can lead to significant results in terms of sales, rentals, and promotion of your business in the nautical sector.