Yacht Photographer Venice

If you’re looking for a talented yacht photographer in Venice, Gabriele Sotgiu is the expert to contact. With extensive experience in yacht photography, Gabriele excels at capturing the beauty and elegance of boats both indoors and outdoors.

Yacht Photography in Venice

Gabriele Sotgiu captures the majesty of boats in Venice with unparalleled skill. His photographs of the interiors and exteriors convey the luxurious and refined atmosphere of these floating jewels. With particular attention to detail and lighting, Gabriele’s images tell stories of style and comfort.

Aerial Drone Footage in Navigation

To capture the excitement of a boat in motion, Gabriele Sotgiu uses advanced drones to obtain extraordinary aerial footage. These unique perspectives offer breathtaking views of the Venetian waters and boats in motion, adding a touch of dynamism to your photos and videos.

4K Videos of Yachts in Venice

In addition to photographs, Gabriele Sotgiu offers high-definition video services. His 4K videos capture every detail and emotion, offering an immersive perspective of the experience aboard a yacht in Venice. With a combination of static and dynamic imagery, his videos convey the unique sensation of sailing along the Venetian canals.

Exploring Marinas and Yacht Ports in Venice, Capodistria, Chioggia, Pola, and Trieste

Venice is famous not only for its canals and historic monuments but also for its marinas and yacht ports. Gabriele Sotgiu is familiar with these areas and knows how to showcase them in his photographs and videos. From Marina Sant’Elena to the Marina di Venezia, each location becomes an opportunity to capture the beauty of the boats and the surrounding environment.

If you’re planning a photo shoot for your yacht in Venice, Gabriele Sotgiu is the ideal choice. With his passion for photography and his experience in the industry, he will provide you with extraordinary images that will leave an indelible memory of Venice and your yacht. Contact him today to turn your dream into visual reality. Gabriele Sotgiu, your yacht photographer in Venice.