How to organize the photo shoot for the yacht

Welcome! Here you’ll find examples and information on how to prepare your boat for a photo shoot. The sections follow the chronological order of a full day’s work, so they’re not random.

If your boat is larger than 30 meters, it might take more than a day to photograph all the spaces and any lifestyle moments. In that case, don’t follow the chronological order, but focus on preparing the boat.

Don’t worry, once we’re on board, we’ll have a briefing with the whole crew. Just make sure everything is in order as if you were expecting guests.


Engine room *
Crew area *
Cabins + bathrooms


*if requested by the client


Outside the port:
Outdoor areas in daytime mode
Sunbathing areas
Pool or Jacuzzi

Afternoon and Evening:

Shots while sailing
Cabins with large windows offering expansive sea views
Areas designated for cocktails
Flybridge with cocktail hour
Dinner table set
40 minutes after sunset, return to port


  1. Hide all personal items.
  2. Iron the sheets to avoid wrinkles.
  3. Avoid excessive decorations; always maintain the boat’s style.
  4. On the bedside tables, a small glass bottle of water, a glass, a coaster with a couple of chocolates on each side, perhaps all arranged on a small tray.
  5. Books, magazines, and a white orchid are appreciated.


Attention to detail makes the difference! Glasses, coasters, double cushions: Pay attention to the arrangement, aiming to emphasize luxury and elegance to create an appealing chromatic contrast.


  1. Arrange towels neatly.
  2. Fold or hang bathrobes securely.
  3. Arrange the toiletry kits.
  4. Clean glass, faucets, and visible surfaces from water droplets.


Water toys will be photographed; Small items like Seabobs and paddleboards should be neatly arranged symmetrically at the stern on the beach. Jet skis and tenders are to be used to add dynamism to the boat. Ensure functionality and cleanliness. If available, the inflatable pool should be inflated (check that all anchors are present to keep it aligned with the boat).


For daytime setup, the outdoor areas should be prepared with beach towels, water carafes with fruit, and, if available, neatly organized sunscreen products.
Always consider that we need to showcase the boat at its best. Imagine having guests and needing to meet their expectations.


For daytime setup, all areas should be prepared simultaneously.
Even the Flybridge or upper decks should be organized with the midday setups.
Water carafes with lemon, oranges: a simple yet colorful arrangement. Prepare a beach towel for each sun lounger.


Remove disruptive elements like personal items or heavily used items.
Provide board games, preferably books; alternatively, sea-themed magazines or recently published boating literature. Hide hard liquor.
Ensure cushions are arranged neatly. Centerpieces like vases or decorative objects are always appreciated.


Attention to detail in every area makes a difference in preparing the boat.
All parts intended for guest use must be tidy throughout the duration of the photo shoot.


As the sun sets, the outdoor areas transition into cocktail mode.
It’s necessary to hide all daytime elements and prepare an elegant aperitif that conveys the idea of service and luxury.
Everything should be ready at least 45 minutes before sunset, including the fruit platter and table setting.


Drinks, sparkling wine or cocktails, summer snacks such as fruit platters to be presented as finger food.
The idea is to convey a summery and elegant atmosphere.


For sunset, the dinner table should be set in the most elegant and beautiful way possible, preparing it to the fullest.


Ensure that all lights are functioning properly.


If requested by the client, set up a breakfast table.
Consider the early morning photo shoot with overnight stay on the boat at anchor.
If the set-up table is outside, the exterior of the boat should also be tidy, as drone photos will also be taken.

The photo shoot is commissioned for both the sale of the yacht and its entry into the charter market.

The goal is to present the yacht in the most inviting and elegant way possible.

Positive teamwork is essential to improve and achieve an excellent result.

It’s essential to have a crew member available to assist the photographers in each area of expertise.

The goal is to help find the best arrangement of things quickly and make the day as smooth as possible.

Having enough food for the entire crew and photographers is essential, and in case of delays, arranging a cabin for the photographers is crucial.

The boat should be ready upon the arrival of the photographers.


Table Setup

Table setting should be planned for a full dinner service, with neatly ironed napkins and tablecloth/place mats, coordinated tableware and cutlery, and a bread basket: details matter, including candles or table lighting (check battery charge), and some seashells, etc..

Ideally, we should see the setup for fruit cocktails for the sunbathing moment, appetizers with snacks: some indoors, others on outdoor tables.

Centerpieces to provide a variable for both indoor and outdoor tables (vase, tray, etc.).


Please ensure that the owner’s personal items (photos, clothes) are not visible in the photos and videos.

Beds are best made in the evening mode with sheets and visible pillows, and there should be an assortment of small and medium-sized vase flowers available (orchids are preferable), along with books, magazines, throws, runners, candles, and towels to provide details for the shot.

Particular attention should be paid to bedspreads, especially hidden corners, wrinkles, and folds, as they can appear messy in photographs. Bathroom amenities will be necessary to provide details; Towels should be new or nearly new if possible, as corners tend to curl, and older ones generally lack life. The same goes for bathrobes. Ensure they are all neatly aligned as if ready for guests.

Crew Areas (if requested)

The galley should be clean and tidy. Ideally, a vegetable platter would be useful to add detail. If there will be shots or videos of the chef in action, chopping vegetables, flamb√©ing, or putting the finishing touches on dessert can work well. He/she should be in clean white chef’s attire.

Crew cabins should be tidy without personal items.

Outside: Additional Information to Consider

The pool and hot tub should be filled while the boat is stationary (check operation), anchored. We need to ensure this is done to maximize twilight shots.

All windows and bulwarks should be cleaned.

Tender Shots (if available) Ensure there is at least one tender available.

Table and Lounge Area Setup

Table settings are color-coordinated and prepared for dinner. Large books are preferable to magazines unless they are new and unused; beverages like champagne and summer snacks like fruit platters to be presented as finger food, water carafes flavored with colorful fruits. Bath towels should look new, with at least one per seat.


They can only be photographed if they are part of the yacht’s rental/sale. If there are tenders and games on board, it’s best to remove them from the boat to maximize deck space and also take some shots with the games in action to showcase the wide range available.

If possible, the crew should be prepared to handle and demonstrate the games and be involved in the shots to get some action shots.


At least one crew member should accompany the photography team to provide assistance with setup, ensure all areas are immaculate, and provide contact with other crew members when needed.

Applicable only if crew shots are required: The chef may also be required to appear in any galley shots, often just preparing food, chopping vegetables. Engineers should wear coveralls and be photographed in action at their desks or near the engines. Crew/hostesses should be photographed as for table setting/equipment and service. Hair should be well-groomed, and light makeup should look as natural as possible. Nail polish should be neutral in color.


Flowers should blend with the environment and not dominate; avoid multicolored and flat arrangements. White/cream is preferable. Small vases (almost the size of a glass) are very useful. Flowers for cabins should be relatively small, proportionate to the room size and not too elaborate. Soft colors generally work well.

Food is not always necessary for direct yacht shots. If possible, it’s always useful to have pastries and fresh bread on hand for a few shots. Fruit juices and croissants for breakfast are useful, and cocktails can look interesting.

Champagne buckets where the bottle rests diagonally are the best, and it’s always good to have a couple of bottles of champagne to pour into glasses to mimic champagne.

Items such as bathrobes, throws, runners, hats, books, candles, vases, centerpieces, magazines are all useful for bringing the yacht to life and creating atmosphere; it’s good to have a selection on board if possible.

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