Interior Photoshoot! How to Prepare the House

Welcome! Here you’ll find examples and information on how to prepare your house or villa for an interior photoshoot, ideal for listing on platforms like Booking and Airbnb for short-term rentals or even for sale. Below, you’ll find some guidelines and photographic examples to help you understand how the photoshoot works and how to prepare your property.

Don’t worry, once we arrive on-site, we’ll have a briefing to plan the work together. Just make sure everything is in order as if you were welcoming guests, to ensure the best results in the photos.

The light

To achieve excellent photographic results, we need to consider the position and orientation of the house, evaluating the sunlight exposure for each area. This way, we can capture natural light at its best and highlight the environments in their best light.

How to approach cleanliness

During an interior photo shoot, order and attention to detail are crucial. Focus on accurately arranging objects and creating symmetries for a harmonious image. Certainly, attention should be paid to cleaning windows, the bathroom to remove water droplets and stains, and leaves/debris from the garden. A thorough cleaning is not essential, but it is essential to ensure a neat and inviting appearance.

Personal items

Hide personal items such as perfumes, photos, and used magazines to create a neutral and welcoming environment. Even work tools, such as the pool robot, should be hidden to ensure a neat and inviting appearance during the photo shoot.


To prepare the pool area for the photo shoot, check the functioning of umbrellas and pergolas. If necessary, remove any non-functioning ones for a tidy appearance. Ensure that beach towels are available and arrange the sun loungers symmetrically for a harmonious and inviting image. Fold or roll the beach towels neatly and place them on the loungers around the pool.


Before the photo shoot, it is advisable to prepare the garden by sorting dry leaves and trimming the hedges for a neat look.
Pay attention to the lawn: by cutting it too low, it could turn yellow, so it is better to keep it longer.
For the swimming pool, avoid stirring the water too much on the day of the photos to avoid cloudiness, thus ensuring a clear and inviting body of water in the images.


Arrange the furnishings to improve the overall image.
Focus on aesthetics while sacrificing functionality if necessary.
Use books and knick-knacks to add character to tables and areas that would otherwise appear bare.


To enhance the secondary corners of the house, create a reading point with a romantic atmosphere.
Take advantage of a particular area or the view of the house to create a welcoming and evocative corner.
Use soft lighting, soft fabrics and decorative details to transform the space into a romantic retreat where you can relax and enjoy the tranquility.


To enhance the table, set it according to the style of the house, both at dawn and at dusk.
Omit the alcohol and add a basket of bread for a welcoming touch. Avoid disposable details, opt for quality plates and napkins to convey elegance and refinement to the environment.


The bathroom requires particular attention during a photo shoot as drops and limescale stains can be evident. Be sure to clean thoroughly for a flawless appearance.
Have towels available and, if possible, even bathrobes for an added touch of luxury and comfort.


Keep fruit such as grapes, peaches, oranges, pineapples available to make a basket or to accompany aperitifs or juices. Add a natural touch with a wooden cutting board with peppers or icebergs in the kitchen.


In bedrooms, keep to the essentials by eliminating personal items. Make sure your sheets are ironed carefully and without wrinkles for a flawless appearance.
Make the bed look neat and comfortable with double pillows, adding a runner, a book or a water bottle and glass on the bedside table.
Towels are best placed in the bathroom.


Check that all lights are working and have the same color temperature.
Turn everything on manually before the automatic devices with twilight switches do so, to avoid problems.


Table setup

Plan the setting for a complete dinner with well-pressed napkins and tablecloth, coordinating silverware and a basket of bread.
Details like candles or table lighting add a welcoming touch.
For an extra touch, consider an evening fruit cocktail or aperitifs with snacks on the outside tables.


Prevent personal items such as photos or clothing from being visible in photos and videos. Make the beds with exposed sheets and pillows, and add fresh flowers, books, throws and candles for a welcoming atmosphere. Take care of bedspreads for a neat look in photos.


Make sure towels are new or in good condition.
The courtesy kits and bathrobes add details to the composition. Keep everything neatly aligned and ready for guests.


Keep the kitchen clean and tidy. A cutting board with fresh vegetables can add a touch of liveliness.


Flowers should blend in with the environment without dominating. Opt for neutral colors and discreet vases. Accessories such as bathrobes, books and candles also help create an inviting atmosphere.

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