Yacht and boat photographer in Genova

In the heart of Genoa, Marina di Genova stands as a symbol of tradition and modernity. Here, the combination of historical and contemporary elements creates the perfect backdrop for telling fascinating and meaningful visual stories. As a photographer and videographer, I find inspiration in this lively port to create images that reflect the beauty and elegance of nautical life.

A distinctive element of my work in Marina di Genova is the use of professional drones for aerial photography. This technology allows me to capture spectacular views of the harbor and vessels, offering a different perspective and broadening the range of stories I can tell. From above, the boats and the port are transformed into a fascinating mosaic of colors and shapes, revealing the magnificence of Marina di Genova in all its glory.

I offer photography and videography services that not only include ground shots but also breathtaking aerial panoramas. These shots are particularly effective for presenting yachts intended for sale or rental/charter, showing their beauty in a larger and more impressive context.