Yacht photographer Arenzano

Marina di Arenzano, with its unique mix of nature and elegance, is a true paradise for photographers and videomakers who wish to immortalise the essence of nautical luxury. The harbour, surrounded by a breathtaking natural setting, provides the perfect backdrop for creating images and videos that tell stories of travel and adventures at sea.

In my work, I focus on capturing images that not only show the beauty of moored vessels, but also the atmosphere and spirit of the place. From quiet photos in the early morning, when the sunlight reflects on the water, to lively videos in the afternoon, every moment is an opportunity to express the magic of Marina di Arenzano.

My services include the creation of high-quality photographic and video content, with a particular focus on yachts for sale and rental/charter. Using innovative shooting techniques and a keen eye for detail, I work to capture the uniqueness of each vessel and the experience it offers.