Yacht Photographer Cala Galera Porto Ercole

In the magnificent setting of Porto Ercole, Cala Galera, Orbetello and Monte Argentario, my work as a yacht photographer acquires an extraordinary dimension. These locations, each with their own uniqueness, offer perfect settings for photo shoots, videos, reels and aerial shots of yachts, combining natural beauty with nautical luxury.

At Porto Ercole, the focus is on luxury yachts, captured through the lens with an attention to detail that enhances their elegance and refinement. My photographs here aim to tell the story of each vessel, highlighting the characteristics that make them unique.

Continuing towards Cala Galera, the video footage comes to life, showing the yachts moving in the crystal clear waters. These videos and reels not only exhibit the aesthetic beauty of the yachts but also their functionality and grace at sea, offering a taste of the sailing experience.

In Orbetello, with its serene lagoon, aerial drone shots become the protagonists, providing a different perspective that unites sea, land and sky. These panoramic views from above reveal the contrast between the tranquility of nature and the elegance of the yachts.

Finally, Monte Argentario, with its varied landscape, offers breathtaking backdrops for every type of shot, from the most minute detail to vast panoramas. Here, each shot becomes a work of art that tells the story of the connection between the natural environment and nautical mastery.