Yacht photographer Chiavari

The port of Chiavari, with its rich assortment of luxury yachts and charter boats, offers a variety of photographic subjects that reflect the passion and sophistication of the nautical world. My mission here is to immortalize these magnificent specimens, capturing every detail that makes them unique, from the elegant lines of the hulls to the luxurious finishes of the interiors.

The creation of videos and reels is a fundamental aspect of my work. This dynamic content allows you to show the boats in action, highlighting their elegance and functionality at sea. Life on board, both for personal pleasure and for charter, is represented through images that tell a story, conveying the sailing experience that each boat offers.

Furthermore, the use of professional drones for aerial photography allows me to present a broader vision of Chiavari and its maritime context. The panoramic views from above emphasize the beauty of the port and the strategic position of the boats, offering a unique and spectacular point of view that further enhances my photographic work.