Yacht photographer Gaeta

Gaeta, with its fascinating blend of history, culture and seascapes, is an ideal destination for a yacht and boat photographer like me. In this evocative port, I dedicate myself to capturing breathtaking images, producing compelling videos and reels and using drones for aerial shots, showing the beauty of navigation in these enchanting waters.

The magic of Gaeta lies in its ability to combine old world charm with the modernity of its vessels. Here, each yacht and boat has a distinctive character, which I try to capture through photographs rich in detail and stories. My work focuses on showing not only the aesthetic elegance of these boats but also their spirit and personality.

The videos and reels made in Gaeta are designed to take the viewer on a journey across the sea. Using different techniques, from fluid movements to wide panoramas, these contents emphasize the majesty of the boats at sea, showing their harmonious relationship with the sea.

Using drones for aerial photography adds a spectacular perspective to my work, allowing me to capture the breadth of the harbor and the beauty of the boats from the sky. These panoramic views offer a unique view of Gaeta and its maritime context, underlining the size of the boats and their elegance at sea.