Yacht photographer Livorno

Livorno, with its historic port and fascinating coastline, offers an ideal backdrop for a yacht photographer like me. This Tuscan city, rich in maritime history and evocative landscapes, lends itself beautifully to the creation of images and videos that capture the elegance and spirit of luxury vessels.

The port of Livorno, a crossroads of culture and nautical tradition, is a place where the beauty of yachts blends with the authenticity of the sea. Here, each yacht tells a different story, highlighted by my photographs that capture their majesty and refined design.

The creation of videos and reels is a fundamental aspect of my work in Livorno. Through this content, I show not only the static beauty of yachts but also their elegance in motion, whether sailing along the coast or resting peacefully in the harbor.

I use professional drones to enrich my visual narrative, offering spectacular aerial shots of the port and its waters. These panoramic views from above provide a unique perspective on the boats and the urban and natural context in which they are found, underlining the symbiosis between the city and its sea.