Yacht photographer Loano

Marina degli Aregai in Loano offer different but equally fascinating scenarios. At Marina degli Aregai, the serene waters and picturesque boats create an atmosphere of tranquility, ideal for capturing the beauty and elegance of the boats. In Loano, the energy of the port and the variety of yachts and boats offer a dynamic backdrop for videos and reels.

In my role as a photographer and videomaker, I dedicate myself not only to photography but also to the creation of videos and reels, especially for yachts intended for sale or rental/charter. This multimedia content is essential for presenting boats in an attractive way, showing not only their aesthetics but also the experience they offer.

Whether detailed shots of the luxurious interior or panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, each video is a story that highlights the unique characteristics of each yacht. The use of aerial drones and advanced filming techniques allows you to create visual content that captures attention and arouses interest.

Marina degli Aregai and Loano are not just two beautiful locations in Liguria; they are also places where my passion for nautical photography and videography is best expressed. Here, I create content that not only shows the beauty of yachts but also tells the story of those who choose to experience the sea in an exclusive way, whether it is a sale or a fascinating charter trip.