Yacht photographer Portofino

As a photographer specializing in boats and yachts, I find Portofino the perfect setting to express my art. The harbour, with its selection of luxury yachts and traditional boats, is a lively stage reflecting nautical life in all its glory. The boats moored along the quay, with the colorful village in the background, provide images full of charm and style.

My work in Portofino focuses on photography that enhances the beauty and uniqueness of each yacht. From the elegant lines of the hulls to the luxurious finishes of the interiors, every detail is captured through the lens to convey the history and character of each vessel. Whether it’s a photo shoot for a sales announcement or a session for a charter catalogue, each shot is designed to show the vessel in its best light.

Furthermore, the use of professional drones for aerial photography adds an extraordinary dimension to my services. These panoramic views from above offer a complete view of the port of Portofino and its boats, capturing the grandeur and majesty of the context in which they are found.