Yacht photographer Pozzuoli

Pozzuoli, with its enchanting maritime landscape and rich historical heritage, offers an ideal context for my work as a yacht and boat photographer. In this vibrant port city, I am committed to creating artistic photographs, evocative videos and dynamic reels, using drones to capture spectacular aerial shots of vessels at sea.

The port of Pozzuoli, a place that mixes historicity with nautical modernity, is the scene of countless maritime stories. Here, each yacht and boat is distinguished by its design and history, and I try to immortalize these unique aspects through images that show their elegance and character.

When creating videos and reels, my goal is to convey the experience of sailing, showing how yachts and boats move and interact with the water. These multimedia contents offer my clients an effective way to present their boats, both for sale and for rental.

Aerial shots, taken with professional drones, play a fundamental role in my work. These panoramic views from above offer an impressive view of the port of Pozzuoli and its waters, showing the majesty of the boats in a broader and more fascinating context.