Yacht Photographer Rome

The Tourist Port of Rome offers a lively stage for my work as a photographer specializing in yachts and boats. Here, I dedicate myself to capturing the essence of vessels at sea through advanced photography, dynamic videos and innovative reels, also using drones for aerial shots which add a touch of mastery to my creations.

My goal in the Tourist Port of Rome, in Ostia or in the Roman Port is to immortalize every aspect of nautical life. From the elegant lines of luxury yachts to sailboats dancing on the water, each vessel becomes the subject of a visual narrative. My photography focuses on the details that make each boat unique, from the exterior finishes to the elegant interior cabins.

The videos and reels I make take viewers on a journey through the Tourist Port of Rome or to Ostia or the Roman Port. Using dynamic filming techniques, I show yachts and boats in action, capturing their grace and power as they sail through the waters. This content offers an immersive experience, allowing viewers to feel as if they are on board.

The use of drones for aerial photography is a crucial element of my work, especially for documenting vessels at sea. These overhead shots provide a spectacular perspective on the movement and activity of the port, showing the boats in all their grandeur and the beauty of Rome’s maritime context.