Yacht Photographer Santa Margherita Ligure

As a photographer of boats and yachts, I find in Santa Margherita Ligure a variety of subjects and backgrounds that make each shot unique. The harbour, filled with vessels of various sizes, from small fishing boats to elegant luxury yachts, provides the opportunity to explore and capture the essence of maritime life.

My goal is to portray not only the aesthetic beauty of these boats but also to tell the story behind them. Whether it’s a detailed shot of a yacht waiting in the harbor or a panoramic shot that includes the city and seascape of Santa Margherita Ligure, each photo is designed to capture the unique character of each vessel and its environment.

The use of professional drones for aerial photography is another key aspect of my work here. These images from above offer a spectacular perspective on Santa Margherita Ligure, showing how the cityscape blends harmoniously with the sea, and how boats and yachts fit into this picturesque picture.