Yacht photographer Santo Stefano al Mare

Marina degli Aregai is not just a port, it is a living canvas that changes colors and atmospheres as the hours pass. The beauty of its crystalline waters, the golden reflections at sunset, and the elegant silhouettes of the moored yachts create a unique and evocative environment. In this context, my photography and videography come to life, telling visual stories that capture the essence of the sea and its wonders.

As a photographer and videomaker, I dedicate myself to creating not only high-quality photographs, but also videos and reels that show the dynamics and elegance of these boats. Whether it’s aerial shots to show the vastness of the seascape or detailed macro shots to capture the smallest details of the vessels, every shot and every frame is designed to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of each yacht.

In addition to traditional photography sessions, I offer videography services that include the creation of videos and reels. These multimedia contents are ideal for presenting yachts for sale or for documenting life on board during the charter. My goal is to provide a complete and engaging story of the nautical experience, through images that speak a thousand words.

The Marina degli Aregai in Santo Stefano al Mare is more than just a backdrop for my filming; it is a source of continuous inspiration. Here, my passion for nautical photography and videography merges with the natural beauty of Liguria, creating visual works of art that tell the story of each vessel with emotion and mastery.