Yacht photographer Savona

Savona, with its historical charm and its modernity, offers unique scenarios for those, like me, who take care of taking photographs and videos for yachts intended for sale and rental/charter. The combination of ancient and contemporary elements provides a perfect backdrop to highlight the elegance and prestige of the vessels.

My work in Savona includes creating visual content that not only shows the beauty of the yachts, but also tells the story behind each vessel. From detailed shots of luxurious interiors to panoramic shots that include urban and maritime context, each image and video is designed to capture the essence of luxury nautical living.

In particular, I dedicate myself to the creation of videos and reels that present yachts in an engaging and detailed way, showing not only their aesthetic beauty but also the unique experience they can offer. This content is essential for those looking to sell or rent luxury boats, offering a complete and attractive view of the offer.