Yacht photographer Ventimiglia

If you’re looking for a talented yacht photographer in the beautiful region of Liguria, Gabriele Sotgiu is the perfect choice to capture the beauty of your yachts and their unique surroundings. With a passion for photography and an in-depth knowledge of the Ventimiglia area and Marina Cala del Forte, Gabriele Sotgiu has established his reputation as one of the finest yacht photographers in the region.

Breathtaking Interior and Exterior Photography.

His mastery of the art of capturing the aesthetics and functionality of yachts results in stunning photographs of the luxurious interiors and exterior spaces. Gabriele Sotgiu is a master of using natural light to create images that highlight every detail, from elegant cabins to spacious decks.

Aerial Filming with Professional Drone

To provide unique and spectacular perspectives, Gabriele Sotgiu uses state-of-the-art drones to capture aerial views of your vessels. These aerial shots add a touch of magic to your presentations, allowing you to showcase the details of your yachts from unique angles.

Excellent quality photography and video

In addition to photographs, Gabriele Sotgiu is able to create exciting videos that tell the story of your yacht in an engaging way. These high-quality videos capture the essence of your vessel and offer a dynamic perspective through the crystal waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ventimiglia in Marina Cala del Forte

Gabriele Sotgiu primarily operates in the picturesque area of Ventimiglia, a place that offers a unique combination of natural beauty and maritime culture. Marina Cala del Forte, one of the most prestigious destinations for yacht enthusiasts, is his preferred location. Gabriele has an in-depth knowledge of this world-class marina and knows how to enhance its beauty in his photographs.

Se state cercando un fotografo di yacht professionale e appassionato nella regione di Ventimiglia e Marina Cala del Forte, Gabriele Sotgiu è la scelta ideale per catturare la bellezza e l’eleganza delle vostre imbarcazioni. Contact us today to transform your yachts into works of visual art. Gabriele Sotgiu, your trusted partner in yacht photography in Liguria.