Yacth Photogepaher Viareggio

Viareggio, with its renowned shipbuilding tradition and its fascinating seafront, proves to be an extraordinary environment for a yacht photographer like me. This city, famous for its maritime culture and its impressive vessels, offers sublime settings for photography and the creation of yacht videos and reels.

In Viareggio, every shot becomes a story of elegance and nautical power. The port, populated by prestigious yachts and traditional boats, offers a variety of photographic subjects that embody the spirit of luxury and maritime adventure. My focus is on capturing the essence of each vessel, from its elegant lines to the handcrafted details that define its character.

The production of videos and reels is a key element of my work in Viareggio. Through this dynamic content, I highlight life and activity on board yachts, showcasing not only their beauty but also their functionality and elegance at sea. These videos give viewers a taste of the nautical experience, capturing unique moments of sailing and relaxation.

I use professional drones to expand my ability to tell stories through images. Aerial shots over Viareggio and its port show the grandeur of the vessels in their natural element, providing a unique perspective on their majesty and the environment in which they sail.